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Incest & Adult Offender Treatment
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When incest or child sexual abuse occurs, the entire family needs treatment.

Sexual abuse occurs when the perpetrator has a relationship to the victim and exploits the power of that relationship with inappropriate sexual behavior.

Program Goals

  • Protect and support the victim by allowing him/her to remain in the family home whenever possible
  • Strengthen the relationship between the non-offending partner and children
  • Prevent future offending behavior
  • Require the offender to make reparation to victims, family, and community

Admission Requirements for the Offender

  • Written admission of the crime
  • Sex offense specific psychological evaluation
  • Consent to polygraph examinations
  • Consent to communication between professionals
  • Live apart from the victim(s)
  • No contact with children under the age of 18
  • Pay the cost of treatment for self as well as the family
  • Absence of overt violence in the commitment of the sex offense
  • Signed program contract with Lutheran Family Services
  • Agree to participate for a minimum of two years

Treatment for the Offender

Offenders work in individual and group therapy on a weekly basis in a comprehensive program to make reparation and to reduce risk of further victimization. (Read how Harold renewed his life by getting the counseling he needed and making reparations)

Treatment for the Victim

The effects of sexual abuse on victims are often minimized because they are not as apparent as the effects of physical abuse. Individual and group therapy will assist the victim in exploring the effects of the abuse in each area of their life. The victim will explore feelings about the abuse in a recovery process.

Treatment for the Non-Offending Partner and Other Family Members

Since this crime affects the entire family, each member will be asked to participate in therapy. Therapy will assist family members in learning to understand the effects of abuse on the victim as well as each of the other family members. The family will learn to support one another while holding the offender accountable for his or her behavior.


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