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Juvenile Pretrial Diversion Services
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Through this program, juveniles residing in Dundy, Furnas, Hayes, Hitchcock and Red Willow counties in Nebraska that are charged with an offense can be diverted from further involvement in the court system to a program that offers a continuum of requirements. Juvenile Pretrial Diversion is often a positive alternative to juveniles participating in the court system and can provide more appropriate methods of treatment.

Juveniles must successfully complete the program requirements in order to earn a dismissal, or its equivalent, of the diverted case.

Program Goals

  • Prevent youth from any further participation in criminal behavior and activity
  • Develop responsible alternatives to the juvenile justice system for eligible offenders
  • Reduce recidivism
  • Reduce costs and caseload burdens on juvenile courts and the criminal justice system
  • Promote the collection of restitution to the victim of the offender's crime


  • Youth - participating in diversion avoids the stigma and labels associated with a juvenile court record. It also offers youth an opportunity to develop important social skills.
  • Families - are able to strengthen relationships with youth through improved communication skills.
  • Communities - benefit as youth understand their role in the community, develop positive attitudes, and a sense of responsibility toward their community.
  • Juvenile/Criminal Court System - benefits through reduced caseloads, increased efficiency, and lowered court costs.

Youth requirements
(The county attorneys will determine a juvenile's final eligibility for diversion)

  1. 20 years of age or under
  2. Must be a first-time offender
  3. Must complete all requirements of his/her diversion plan
  4. Eligible offenses determined on a case-by-case basis by the county attorneys

Services and activities provided

  • diversion services
  • screening
  • truancy intervention
  • client outreach
  • victim services
  • skill building group/activities

Participants are required to pay a fee. Payment plans and/or sliding scale fees may be offered to qualified participants.

Funding for this program was received from a Nebraska Crime Commission grant.


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