Depression, anger, trauma, and addictive behaviors can all be products of stress. Knowing there is support and help to get you and your loved ones through the tough times can make all the difference. LFS provides assistance in identifying and treating abusive and addictive behaviors as well as information, support, and coping skills.

In addition to individual, family, and group counseling, LFS offers speakers, seminars, and workshops on behavioral health issues. we work hand-in-hand with law enforcement and the judicial system.

If you, or an adult you care about, are struggling with mental health issues or substance use, review our programs to find an expert or call the nearest LFS office.

We now offer Open Access, a virtual waiting room that allows you to walk into one of our locations in Lincoln and Omaha, schedule an appointment on-site, and begin the check-in process.

To enter the virtual waiting room for Open Access appointments at LFS, please click here to begin the check-in process.  

The Open Access virtual waiting room is available ONLY during the hours listed above.  

  • Please call 402-441-7940 in Lincoln or 402-342-7007 in Omaha for help with this process and for any questions or assistance outside of the Open Access hours as listed above. 

In Omaha and Fremont, please click here to complete our client engagement form online. 

In Lincoln and Greater Nebraska, please click here to complete our client engagement form online.  

Completing this form will help ensure you are able to start your intake appointment shortly after you check in. The information in this form goes directly to our Client Engagement team who will help you get started with our services. 

To learn more about our Children’s Behavioral Health programs and services, call (402) 595-1338.


*Some Behavioral Health Services are funded in part from federal grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Behavioral Health, including region 2, 3, V, and 6, as well as non-governmental sources. 

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