Names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of those involved

Jordan and Kent called LFS when Jordan was six months pregnant. The couple lived together with their three children. Both were working full time to support their family. Faced with the responsibility of another child, they sought counseling to help make a realistic and responsible plan. Through counseling they explored the realities of parenting another child and the possibility of making an adoption plan.

Individual and family counseling were provided for them in their home. Counseling included considering assistance from relatives and community resources to parent, and making an adoption plan. Together they weighed both options of parenting and adoption. They looked at the best interests of the children they were currently parenting and the best of the child that would be born to them.

They also dealt with family and cultural pressures and expectations. Jordan encountered family resistance to adoption. Issues of shame and guilt as well as grief were addressed. In the end the couple decided that adoption was the best plan. Assistance was given on how to talk with their family and their other children about this plan and how ongoing relationships would be developed with an adoptive family. Counseling sessions with family members were also provided.

After deciding to make an adoption plan, Jordan and Kent looked through profiles of families who were screened, educated and had approved adoption home studies. They selected the Daub family as being best suited to provide their child with the home environment and values they wanted for their child. A meeting was held in one of our offices where the birth parents and the adoptive couple were introduced, exchanged information and began to develop their relationship. After the meeting they continued contact through phone conversations. Jordan called after each doctor appointment to fill the prospective parents in on the latest medical updates. Together they chose a name for the baby girl.

The Daubs were called shortly after baby Jacqueline was born. They shared time at the hospital with Jordan, Kent and their families, sharing stories and taking pictures to memorialize this special time. Jacqueline went home with the Daubs from the hospital to begin their bonding as a family. One week later Jordan and Kent signed relinquishment papers and the Daubs accepted adoptive placement of Jacqueline. They all participated in an entrustment ceremony, a ritual through which the birth parents entrust their child to the adoptive family, connecting them all for life. Following the ceremony the Daubs hosted a barbecue in their home for the birth parents, their children and parents. They maintain an ongoing relationship where they visit one another, go shopping, share special days and keep one another updated on a regular basis. The plan that was made by the birth parents through counseling was successfully implemented and the preparation, education and home study provided the adoptive parents prepared them to accept this child permanently into their hearts and home.

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