Josie stood in the hallway in disbelief. She immediately felt a knot in her stomach as she fixed her eyes upon the two blue lines staring back at her from her pregnancy test. As a single mother of a 12-year-old child with special needs, she already had many responsibilities and challenges.

Josie called Lutheran Family Services. The free, confidential pregnancy counseling services provided by LFS allowed her to explore the options of parenting and open adoption. With involvement and support from her family she struggled to create a plan that was best for her unborn child and 12-year old daughter.

After birth, Josie had the opportunity to parent but soon recognized that she could not meet the needs of both children. Josie made an adoption plan; selecting a family from the profiles of approved adoptive families and developed a relationship with the family who she chose to parent her child.

Since the adoptive placement, Josie and her family maintain regular contact and visits with the adoptive family. She now speaks to others facing an unplanned pregnancy. Josie is content in her heart, knowing that adoption provided the best for her child and that the two families will continue their lifelong relationship.