Ariel arrived in the United States, not by choice, but by chance — Ariel is a refugee from Liberia. Ariel started attending English classes in January. She was introduced to two different locations where she could attend ESL classes. Instead of signing up for one class at one location, Ariel signed up for both classes at both locations and attends both classes faithfully everyday. She is so excited to share with her friends how she can write and recite her address and phone number in English.

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes helped Ariel land a job last week at a local hotel. Ariel’s employer said she is learning quickly and is a very hard worker. He says he can already tell she will be one of their hardest working employees.

When Ariel learned her new job would conflict with her daytime ESL classes, Ariel requested immediate enrollment in one of the evening classes.

In 2006, Lutheran Family Services resettled 179 refugees representing 8 different nationalities. Accredited Immigration Specialists also provided immigration legal services to 302 people.