On September 24, 2003, I arrived at your front door a tired, worn-out drug addict who had basically given up hope.

After a little more than a year of treatment, my outlook on life is brighter than ever. Some days are still a challenge but most days I can’t wait to get started & see what life throws my way.

For myself, being content & at peace & being a useful part of society is largely attributed to the Bellevue staff of LFS. It starts with wonderful women who work the front desk & every individual I met in the building.

Yours is the only treatment facility I’ve ever been to but I can’t imagine there’s any better anywhere. You people are top-notch professionals in every sense.

I can’t say it was easy being in treatment. But a while after I started the program I started to feel you were all part of my family.

I was always treated with respect & genuine concern for all my problems. You helped me find solutions to all my life needs & ways to cope without drugs.

I just had to say “Thanks” to you all because you’ve made a wonderful impact not only on my life, but also my wife, five kids & a 6th on the way, and everyone I associate with. Thank you!

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas & may God bless you all throughout the year!