Dani Revis from LinkedIn with
Agany Mapior Agany at Do Space

Many thanks to Omaha’s LinkedIn team for sharing their expertise with the Refugee Education and Employment Program (REEP) of Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska (LFS). They helped create professional online profiles for program participants at a recent event at Do Space. The results were outstanding and transformative for the individuals involved, who learned more about how to promote their strengths. They also got really great pictures for their pages.

Agany Mapior Agany’s LinkedIn profile

REEP has been developing specialized case management and mentoring activities to connect talented and passionate refugees to career paths aligned with their experience, higher education or specific training. The success in this endeavor is critical to promoting long-term professional development, economic self-sufficiency and a thriving community where all feel they have the opportunity to realize their potential.

We are very grateful to LinkedIn for the time they have given to help New Americans be seen as the professionals they are, and we look forward to partnering further with LinkedIn on future activities. Thank you LinkedIn!

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