Safety, hope, and well-being are enormously impacted by where people live, work, and play. This is a foundational consideration in everything we do at Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska. We strive every day to help people transform lives and communities and work with great humility and urgency to help dismantle the systems and barriers that continue to give advantage to some while hurting and marginalizing others. This past week, that pain was acutely felt and boiled over in the streets of our city.

Because of the work that we do at LFS, we know that we live in a state with one of the highest wealth disparities in the country. We also know that Nebraska’s difference in poverty rates between white and minority communities is higher than the national average, as well as having less access to mental health care than almost all other 49 states. Our work has never been more important!

With a deep understanding of the long shadow of racism and its intersection with poverty, we are engaged in the imperative work at the individual, community, state, and national levels to dismantle historical racist systems, to foster equitable environments, and to help achieve our vision of safety, hope and well-being for every person. We are dedicated to work with mercy with every individual we meet and serve and to do the hard work together toward justice.

During this challenging time in our nation’s history, it is heartbreaking to see the images of brutality across the country and particularly in our own community. LFS is doing everything we can to build whole, welcoming communities in which everyone is safe and valued and treated with dignity and equality.

My prayer for our communities and our commitment on behalf of all of us at LFS is that we may never tire, that we may never be discouraged of the holy work of mercy and justice entrusted to us, and that we may heal in this long fight ahead of building toward a shared and common good.

Grace and peace,

Stacy Martin
President & CEO