Renee Ambrose, Permanency Supervisor

LFS has worked in adoption for 130 years the founding of two orphanages in 1892. We have continued our work in adoption, adapting, and evolving as times and needs changed. Today, we continue our adoption work through different programs and avenues.

Our Infant Adoption program works alongside our pregnancy counseling program. In Pregnancy Counseling, we are working with women/couples who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We provide a safe place to discuss worries, fears, and options. We know that the decision will be life-altering. We explore their feelings about the pregnancy, provide them resources and support, as well as help them explore their options for the child, including parenting, adoption, guardianship, and foster care. We support our clients and whatever decision they make.

If an expectant parent decides to make an adoption plan for their child, we provide a very clear picture of what to expect. Parents will be in control of the process as staff provides the support and information necessary to move forward confidently. We walk them through the legal process and ensure that they are certain that they are making the best decision for their child.

Our support does not end when the baby is born. No matter what the parenting decision is, we are able to continue our services and support to clients for six months after the child is born.

For families that are looking to adopt, we offer several services. In our Infant Adoption Program, we educate and prepare families for open adoption. When a pregnancy counseling client chooses to make an adoption plan, she can choose one of these families to be the adoptive parents of her child. We practice open adoption in which there is an ongoing relationship between the birth family and adoptive family, with the child being at the center of the relationship. We practice open adoption as we recognize all the benefits for everyone involved and believe that openness best serves everyone: the child, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents.

We also provide services to families adopting through another agency, attorney, or internationally. We provide the home study, or assessment, of the family, along with post-placement support and reports as required.

We are able to provide all of our pregnancy counseling, infant adoption program, and home study services to people throughout Nebraska and in Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

Adoption Search services to provide non-identifying social background information, medical histories, and birth information for adoption persons. We also help to connect persons in the adoption constellation directly to each other when all parties are in agreement. We provide these services for those that have been adopted through Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska, Adoption Links Worldwide, Tabitha Home, and Lutheran Social Services of Kansas.

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK)- LFS also works in foster care adoption. LFS is the only Nebraska provider of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program. In WWK, we provide services to youth in foster care that are available for adoption and in need of their forever family. We work closely with the youth and their professional team to help find the right family for that child.  The Adoption Recruiters work with the youth and the families to help them prepare for adoption. The program uses an evidence-based child-focused recruitment model to help locate the right family for the child. With this model, children referred to the program are up to three times more likely to be adopted.

Throughout all of our adoption services, children remain at the heart of what we do.  At LFS, we ensure that the children are in the best families possible, whether that be the biological family or an adoptive family.