The CARES Act funds allow LFS to serve individuals and families whose lives have been directly
or indirectly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To apply for financial assistance, please use the links below.

If you have any trouble completing the form, please call 1-833-566-0766 or email [email protected].

LFS has also created an online resource of Nebraska organizations receiving CARES funding:
listing the services they provide, their contact information, and their location.
We hope this resource will help individuals seeking care as well as organizations looking for referrals.
The list can be accessed here.

The CARES Act funds may be used to cover:
• Rent/Mortgage to help cover overdue or mortgage to avoid eviction or foreclosure.
• Basic Needs Care packages for up to two months including utility costs to prevent shutoffs, and basic need items that may include groceries, formula, diapers, personal hygiene, and household cleansers.
• Cell Phones with one month of data already loaded
• Additional Months of Cell Phone Refills.
• Tablets (one per household) to be used to access needed telehealth services and for school-aged youth to access online school platforms.

To qualify, families will have needs in at least one of the following categories:
1) Loss of employment due to changes in the workplace because of COVID 19.
2) Loss of income due to illness-specific to COVID 19, of either self or a family member.
3) Loss of income due to a loss or reduction in unemployment benefits.
4) Lack of income for one of the following reasons:
• Inability to stay current with rent or mortgage payment causing a risk of eviction or homelessness
• Inability to stay current paying utility bills causing risk off shut off
• Inability to access necessary resources such as telehealth for medical or behavioral health due to lack of technology – either smartphone or tablet
• Inability of adults or children to receive online education or training due to lack of technology
• Inability to maintain enough food or necessities for the individual or family
• Require short-term financial assistance
• Lack essential items (food, clothing, shelter)
• Have experienced COVID-19 related unemployment
• Are experiencing poverty
• Are facing mental health or substance abuse issues
• Are experiencing language barriers
• Are isolated and/or have limited access to services in remote areas of the state

Please Note:   We are here to help you.  If you have any difficulties with the form or concerns, please contact us at 1-833-566-0766.