Your gift today will help secure the future of Lutheran Family Services’ vital Crisis Response Program – to bring help and hope to people like Cindy in times of desperate need.

Thanks to friends like you, Crisis Response practitioner Jacqueline was on call the night Cindy was admitted to the local hospital’s emergency room following a drug overdose. She explains:

Cindy [was in] the emergency room, where I was able to speak with her. She told me her father had passed away suddenly from heart failure two years earlier. He’d had a birthday party two days before he died – which Cindy did not attend. She was carrying guilt for not attending and had not been able to speak to anyone about her dad’s death.

“As we talked, Cindy realized her need to process her grief. I was able to ease her anxiety about seeking help from a therapist, and she agreed to do so.

“Today Cindy is pursuing counseling from a [recommended] practitioner.”

It’s wonderful to see that Cindy is now moving forward with new hope. But without the Crisis Response Program, her story could have ended very differently…

It costs just $7 to provide high-level care and intervention to one individual in need through the Crisis Response Program. That means:

  • Your gift of $21 will ensure that three Crisis Response calls are answered.
  • When you give $70 today, 10 people in need will be able to access vital emergency support.
  • And a generous gift of $280 can provide help and hope to 40 men and women in the face of deep crisis.

Please give as generously as you can, knowing you’ll shine hope into the very darkest moments of lives like Cindy’s.

Thank you!