An unplanned pregnancy can be very stressful. You may feel scared, alone or confused. LFS has experienced counselors who will help you explore options confidentially and without pressure or judgment. (Read how Josie received the caring, non-judgmental counseling she needed, or how Jordan & Kent found their ideal adoptive family for Jacqueline)

Confidential pregnancy counseling is available to you and your family at no cost for up to six months following delivery. Birth parents and their families are supported in exploring their feelings about the pregnancy, telling significant others, and in examining their options. Services are available throughout Nebraska and Pottawatomie County, Iowa.

To speak with a counselor, call (402) 661-7100 or (800) 267-9876.

Available Services

Parenting Support

If you choose to parent, LFS counselors will help you prepare for the birth of the child, learn about caring for an infant, and secure needed housing and other resources.

Open Adoption

We believe open adoption best serves both you and your child. If you choose to make an adoption plan, your wishes will be respected throughout the process.

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