Executive Summary

Our Ambition: In communities to which we are called to serve, Lutheran Family Services will lead as a faith-based organization, placing the people we serve at the center as experts in their own experience, and effectively delivering health and human care that meets individuals’ and communities’ social, cultural, and linguistic needs.

The Ambition 2024 plan’s objectives are:

1. No Wrong Door: Make sure that no matter when or how people come to LFS for service, they are welcomed and embraced

2. Advance the Quality and Accessibility of Human Services: Through generous compassion, expand value for people we serve with an intense focus on understanding and empathy, quality, safety, and effectiveness.

3. Focus on “Outside-In”: Listening to and honoring the people we serve, build upon our tradition of leadership by becoming a model of person-centered care.

4. Fearlessly Experiment: Fearlessly experiment for discovery and learning through continuous innovation. Invest in person-centered learning and design to create new models of care/service delivery.

5. Serve as One Organization: Foster an organizational culture that is supportive, diverse, and inclusive, while enhancing joy at LFS.

6. Aim for Accurate Understanding in Everything We Do: Use data in new and innovative ways to guide decision-making in every corner of LFS, from person-centered services to finance and administration.

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