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Theory of Change

At the heart of our ambition is our belief that if we focus on the 6 objectives outlined in our strategic plan, we will see the following theory of change come to realization:

No Wrong Door

If we welcome people where they are and connect people we serve to what they need and want, then they will have the opportunity they need to choose the programs and services they need…

…to live safe and hope-filled lives full of well-being

Quality & Accessibility

If we offer high quality care that is easy to access, then people we serve will have the opportunity to choose care that optimizes their ability….


If we listen to and focus on the wants and needs of the people we serve, then our programs and services are more likely to be effective, making us a provider of choice in the community and to lead other organizations to do the same, leading the community to create programs and services that assist those we serve…

Fearless Experimentation

If we continue to discover and learn, then we will be able to provide innovative services that people we serve want and most need…


If we serve as one organization, then we will remove barriers to care and create a culture that enhances joy at LFS which allows us to be an employer and provider of choice, positioning us to deliver care that helps people we serve…


If we seek understanding in all that we do from person-centered care, to finance, to administration, then we will be equipped to increase opportunity in our community for the people we serve to make choices that allow them….

Through its deliberative process of external and internal feedback and an intensive facilitated planning process, LFS determined that if we focus on the following 6 objectives with each of their respective goals, over the course of the next 5 years LFS will have made great gains in impacting the region as a faith-based organization that places the people we serve at the center as experts in their own experience.

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